Thankful for Grandma Baby Bodysuit

Everyone loves a new baby we love looking for the perfect gift.  For those crafty types, we absolutely love making special and unique items.  Here’s how you can personalize a special gift for that special little one. To make this adorable baby bodysuit I used a cute design from Maggie Rose Design Co. 
You can download the design here.

Materials and Supplies
*Baby body suit
*Maggie Rose Design Co. svg file
*HTV (iron on) in 2 different colors
*Cricut or other electronic cutting machine
*Cricut Light Grip mat
*Cricut or other weeding tools
*Cricut Easy Press, home iron, or heat press
*Teflon sheet or parchment paper

1. Download your svg to your device and then upload into Cricut Design Space.
2. Insert the image into your canvas.
3. Size the image to size you need.  Generally, for a baby shirt, I size to about 4″.
4. Ungroup your image.
5.  Select the text that you want to be the first color and attach it. 
6.  Select the remaining text and attach it .
7. Select “Make It” to send it to your mats.
8.  Mirror each mat.
9. Select the material you are using (iron-on), load your mat, and cut.
10. Repeat for the second color.
11. Weed your design.
12. Use the Cricut Interactive Heat Guide to select the temperature and time needed to press your design.
13.  Remember to preheat your garment to remove moisture and wrinkles.
14. If needed, use a lint roller to remove debris from your garment.
15. When heat press is ready, apply your design, following the instructions for your heat press and /or htv.
16. If you are doing 2 different colors (2 layers), do not heat your 1st layer for the full time.
17. Position your 2nd layer of htv and place your parchment paper or teflon sheet over the full design and press for the full amount of time.
18. Remove your carrier sheets (pay attention to whether your htv is a hot, warm, or cool peel). cover again with your parchment paper, and press again.

I hope this was a helpful tutorial.  Be on the lookout for the video tutorial coming to my YouTube channel in the next week.



Instagram Update

I am so happy to announce that we’ve reached one of our early goals for 2020.  Our Instagram page has reached 1500 followers.  I know that numbers don’t mean everything.  I agree 100% that our worth is not measured by likes, followers, impressions, etc.  But it still is a pretty big milestone in terms of reaching more people and sharing my love for crafting.  

So to celebrate this milestone and to show appreciation for all who visit, I am hosting a giveaway for a custom tumbler (up to 2 colors and 1 decal) and a set of 2 car coasters.  This giveaway is being powered by Rafflecopter, so you can gain several entries by following the prompts on the entry form below.  Giveaway ends February 28th.

Again, thank you for your continued support.