Ice Cream Cone Banner


Yesterday, as I worked in my crafting studio, my kids rushed to the front door.  They excitedly jumped up and down and clapped and giggled.  It took me a couple of seconds to realize what was exciting them.  They’d heard the music from the ice cream truck coming down the street and were happy.  Ahhh.  To be a kid again.  When something so simple as the sound of the ice cream truck brings you joy.  That made me think about how the season is finally changing, which I am looking forward to. 

It also inspired me to look for a simple, but of course cute, project to make.  Sometimes I get so caught up in creating something “new” that I forget that reinventing the wheel isn’t necessary.   As I scrolled through Cricut Design Space for a project, I came across this super cute banner project.  I think it caught my attention because of my kids’ earlier excitement.  If you’ve never used a ready-to-make project from Cricut Design Space, this one is a perfect start.  Plus, if you like it, Jen Goode has a whole coordinating set of projects to match.  

Here is the video tutorial for the banner.  Now, GO MAKE SOMETHING CUTE!

Use A Ready-Made Party Banner In Design Space by EJsFunCrafting on Jumprope.

By EJ’s Fun Crafting

I am a work-from-home wife, mom & teacher who loves helping DIY enthusiasts and Cricut crafters create beautiful decor on a budget.

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