Mani-Pedi Party Bag


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Growing up, I was not at all a girly-girl.  I loved rough-housing with the boys, playing tackle football, climbing on top of the roof of the house and jumping off, etc.  I taught my baby brother how to play basketball with the fellas.  If I tried carrying a purse, I would inevitably lose it the first time I took it out of the house.  I imagined myself being a “Boy Mom”.  Imagine my surprise when I had my first child and she was a girl.  Don’t get me wrong; I was super happy and excited for this amazing blessing.  But I wasn’t into “girl” things.  Then my second baby was born and she was a girl, too.  Suddenly, I found myself doing all the cute things I never enjoyed as a child.  I’m talking Hello Kitty bedroom sets; sewing lace onto socks so that my baby girls’ dresses would look perfect; cornrows with beads for that extra special look.  And I love it!

Well, 10 years into my life as a “glitter and dirt” mom, I’m still at it.  We’re planning a Spa Day party for the girls.  I wanted a quick, inexpensive way to personalize some of the goodie bags.  Check out how I used cardstock, my home printer, my Cricut, and my mini Xyron to make sticker name tags for the party bags.

* Cardstock
* Home printer or pens and markers
* Small paper sacks
* Xyron sticker maker
* Scissors or cutting machine

1.  Print your designs on your cardstock.  You could even draw them if you’d like.
2.  Cut out your designs using your cutting machine or scissors.
3.  Run your designs through your Xyron machine.
4.  Rub and peel backing from your new stickers.
5.  Arrange your stickers and you are done!


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By EJ’s Fun Crafting

I am a work-from-home wife, mom & teacher who loves helping DIY enthusiasts and Cricut crafters create beautiful decor on a budget.

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