Naomi D. Garcia
“Crafting Coach”

About the Author

I’m Naomi and I’ve been crafting since I was 5 years old.  My mom taught me and my sisters lots of practical yet enjoyable sewing and crafting skills and I’m happy to share that knowledge with you. 

I am a wife, a mom of 3 highly energetic young kiddos, and teacher.  I recently semi-retired from teaching in formal settings and am happily pursing my dream of staying at home with my little ones and crafting and creating as a job from home.  You will find that many of my projects link back teaching and being in a classroom.  That’s because I’ve been in the field of education, particularly early childhood and primary education, since 1994.  So it’s in my blood for sure.  I believe in constantly learning but I also believe in sharing what I learn with others.  Because of that, I also teach Cricut crafting  at local stores and in private settings.

​So here you will find projects I’ve enjoyed as well as files and videos to help you learn along with me.